Banners for Cupar Angus Primary School and Living Communities

Before Astrid arrived at Coupar Angus Primary school, all the classes had focused their research on one aspect of their local history and one class had imagined a bright future for their area.

A group of pupils from each class, spent time working with Astrid and Shona Leitch, a ceramist, sharing what they could recall. These conversations were reflective by nature, and a great way of learning from each other and reinforcing what they already knew. This knowledge was then developed and recorded using a variety of printmaking techniques, drawings, and research.

Resulting in a successful reflective learning experience, these banners to brighten a dull hall and fabulous clay panels to enhance an outdoor space.

Banners for Perth Museum and Living Communities

These banners started when three primary schools explored the collection at Perth Museum, this included backstage, which was a wonderful experience.

Then through a series of drawing and printmaking workshops Astrid discovered what they found exciting, before bringing their images together to form these banners.