Creative Learning

Astrid's enthusiasm and commitment in participatory practice, according to evidence, has inspired people of all generations to learn and engage with past heritage, contemporary culture and anticipate potential futures.

''Places and quality of life are transformed through imagination, ambition and an understanding of the potential of creativity''

- P7, Creative Scotland.

Astrid also describes herself as a Creative Practitioner due to her work within schools and communities. This work is about connecting with groups and supporting them as they engage in learning and exploring new possibilities. She believes that there is great, personal and public value to be gained from arts and creativity in education, but this is not always reflected in public opinion, the workplace or education policy.

The ''5 Habits of Mind''

  • Inquisitive - Wondering and questioning; exploring and investigating; challenging assumptions.
  • Persistent - Tolerating uncertainty; sticking with difficulty; daring to be different.
  • Imaginative - Playing with possibilities; making connections; using intuition.
  • Disciplined - Crafting and Improving; developing techniques; reflecting critically.
  • Collaborative - Cooperating appropriately; giving and receiving feedback; sharing the creative 'product'.

Creativity Culture and Education (CCE) identify these '5 Habits of Mind' as indicators of creativity. These are not just associated with art and drama but with problem solving, questioning, thinking out of the box, persistence and making connections between things. All these skills and attributes are cross-curriculum and are needed in today's employment and life.

With a background/foundation in early years education Astrid has worked with young people of all abilities in both schools and nurseries. She has worked full-time as a Cultural Development Worker for a local heritage project, where she developed projects through consultation and supported people of all generations to learn and engage with their local heritage, contemporary culture and anticipated potential futures.