Astrid Leeson MFA

Banners For Coupar Angus Primary School And Perth Museum

FreeLance Banner Production with Pupils from Coupar Angus Primary School and  Living Communities.

Before I arrived at Coupar Angus Primary school, all the classes had focused their research on one aspect of their local history and one class had imagined a bright future for their area.  A group of pupils from each class, spent time working with myself and Shona Leitch, a ceramist, sharing with us and their group what they could recall. These conversations, with us, were reflective by nature, and a great way of learning from each other and reinforcing what they already knew. This knowledge was then developed and recorded using a variety of printmaking techniques, drawings, and research. Resulting in a successful reflective learning experience, and these banners to brighten a dull hall and fabulous clay panels to enhance an outdoor space.

Three primary schools explored the collection at Perth Museum, this included back stage, which was a wonderful experience. Then through a series of drawing and printmaking workshops I discovered what they found exciting, before bringing there images together to form these banners.

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